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[CQ-Contest] re:Clicks-REAL numbers.

Subject: [CQ-Contest] re:Clicks-REAL numbers.
From: al_lorona@agilent.com (al_lorona@agilent.com)
Date: Mon Mar 12 18:52:13 2001

Hi, Tom,

You said...
 > I certainly trust George's integrity, but I don't trust his HP-141T at
 > all in this application. It is a poor instrument for the job.

The 141T is hardly a poor instrument, but a better way to put it might be
that it just doesn't have the resolution bandwidth to get as close to the
carrier as you have pointed out needs to be seen. That, and we may be
running into reciprocal mixing with the residual FM (phase noise) of the
spectrum analyzer's local oscillator. This has always been a limiting factor
for using a spectrum analyzer to look at close-in signals (to a strong
carrier). Warning: this is all conjecture, as I have not bothered to look at
8553 residual FM specs.



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