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Subject: [CQ-Contest] RDXC
From: ra3auu@cityline.ru (Igor Booklan)
Date: Wed Mar 14 01:34:14 2001
Hello boys!

Both ARRLs are over and WPX is coming soon but don't forget to try your
skills by joining us in Russian DX Contest this weekend March 17-18 from
12Z to 12Z. Some people was amazed on activities we had last year with
over 900 logs received and over 3000 QSOs in winners logs.

Have a look at http://rdxc.narod.ru (shortly http://www.rdxc.org) and
see RDXC-2000 results and breakdowns and RDXC-2001 rules. Also take your
time and read CQ-Contest April 2000 issue article about RDXC itself and
its modern judging.

Since RDXC is getting popular worldwide we added some new trophies this
year and they include:
-       North America Mixed
-       North America CW
-       Zone 14 overall score
-       Zone 25 overall score
-       Club competition

Activity from Russia is going to be very high, so you have an
opportunity to get some rare oblasts. Few of our guys even went to
remote locations like A52CO by RA9CO, OT1T by RA3AUU (what a rare one
... hi) etc.

Talking about software we have TR, WriteLog and Super Duper fully
supporting Russian DX Contest. You can send Cabrillo format files as

Also you can download UA1AAF software absolutely FREE from the following
WEB sites:

73s and see you in the contest!
Russian DX Contest committee (RW1AC, UA1AAF, UA2FB, UA2FB, RA3AUU)

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