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[CQ-Contest] re: QRL?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] re: QRL?
From: kg5u@hal-pc.org (Dale L Martin)
Date: Thu Mar 15 07:12:48 2001

 >   >And, I hasten to add, I am NOT a practitioner of "SO2R" and never will
 >   >be.  Who wants to make contest operating a chore?  I do contesting
 >   >because it's fun, not because I pride myself in killing myself to beat
 >   >the next guy.
 > Perspective is everything.  If I had to use only one radio, I would find
 > something else to do because the contest would be too boring.  One man's
 > drudgery is another man's fun.
Amen, brother!

 > Since doing SO2R, I hardly ever step on anyone's toes.  I can patiently
 > listen on the 2nd radio for a frequency while still working people on the
 > first.  Panic is generally the reason for the too-quick-QRL's.  With 2
 > radios, I never feel panic to find a frequency.

dale, kg5u

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