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[CQ-Contest] Contest ears

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest ears
From: steve@oakcom.com (Steve Maki)
Date: Fri Mar 16 21:54:12 2001
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Zack Widup <w9sz@prairienet.org> wrote:

 > > Interesting. Sounds like RTT to me, with extra space
 > > before the first T.
 > >
 > > If I play the file from just after the R, it sounds
 > > like AT.

 >I had an interesting experience with this file.  I downloaded it and
 >played it back about a dozen times; I just couldn't hear the echo at all.
 >Then I downloaded all the other EME files that Tree has on his site and
 >listened to all of them, listening to the file with the loudest echo
 >several times, then the next loudest, etc.  Then I went back to the
 >"RATRAT" file.  This time, the echo just sort of leaped out at me; it was
 >very obvious.
 >And yes, it sounded like "RTT" to me, too.  The signal seemed to be
 >experiencing what is known as "libration fading".

You definitely need to do a little fine tuning of your ears
before you can hear it. I had a hard time til I took Tree's
suggestion about listening to just the echo half of the file.

Steve K8LX

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