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Subject: [CQ-Contest] re: Casual contesters...
From: k2kw@prodigy.net (KEN SILVERMAN)
Date: Mon Mar 19 08:58:17 2001

 > Interesting comments.  I'm curious how many 6 banders you might get in a
 > typical contest?

In our logs, there is a fair amount of variability.  For 6 banders to occur,
conditions must be good on both 10m and 160m.  When we first started looking
at our logs in 1997 (6Y4A), 10m was not really "there" yet.  I think we had
on the order of 200 6-banders.  But in 1998 (6Y2A), I think we were up to
around 550 (I don't remember the number exactly), but on the order of around
half of our 160m total QSOs.  The 6-banders that year were NOT only the
USA... we had a few hundred from EU, a number from Western Asia (4X4NJ was
+20 most of the night on 160m), and even one from JA (though path!).  But in
1999 at 4M7X, 160m was really noisy, and even working W3LPL etc was hard.  I
think we may have worked 100 6-banders.

The chance for a 6-bander is also geographically based.  Our locations were
fairly close to USA/EU on the low bands, making it possible.  I bet CN8WW
was up near 1000 6-banders.  The farther you get away from the combination
of USA/EU, the fewer 6-banders you will get.

73, Kenny K2KW

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