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[CQ-Contest] WPX Strategy?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] WPX Strategy?
From: djl@andlev.com (Dan Levin)
Date: Mon Mar 19 22:06:46 2001
This question is most apropos to those of us on the U.S. west coast I think,
but I'm interested in opinions from all over.

In WPX, for those of us in W6 land, stateside Q's are worth 1 point and DX
Q's are worth either 2 or 3 points.  For those of us operating on the high
bands during the day, this begs an interesting question:

To run, or not to run?

There are some times of the day on 10 meters when a northern California
station can call CQ and be fairly confident that 80%+ of the stations that
will answer will be 3 pointers.  But most of the time, certainly between the
hours of about 19:00 and 22:00 zulu, we will get 80%+ U.S. stations
responding.  During the 10 meter contest, it doesn't matter.  Just run 'em
as fast as you can.  But what about for WPX?

So the question is, during those hours when it will be mostly stateside
stations answering, what should we do to maximize points?  Call CQ, getting
a higher rate but netting only 1 point per Q, or S&P at a lower rate for 3
pointers, or some mixture?

All opinions welcome :-)

             ***dan, K6IF

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