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[CQ-Contest] WPX Strategy?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] WPX Strategy?
From: widelitz@gte.net (Ken Widelitz)
Date: Tue Mar 20 07:26:23 2001
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Hi Dan,

The question really is, what do you do to maximize mults?

Estimate how many QSOs you expect to make and how many mults you expect =
to make. Figure you average 3 points per QSO, factoring in 6 points for =
JA/EU on 40/80 and 1 point for US QSOs.=20

So, suppose you expect to work 2000 QSOs and 600 mults.  2000 QSOs means =
about 6,000 points total. So each QSO would be worth 1800 points and =
each mult would be worth 7800 points (a mult is also a QSO.) In this =
example each mult is worth 4.3 QSOs.=20

There are a LOT of US mults. Relatively speaking, US mults are worth =
more since US QSOs are only 1 point.

In WPX mults are a function of QSOs, which is a function of rate and a =
good path to high mult areas, EU, US & JA. I wouldn't point my beam =
towards Africa in this one.

73, Ken, K6LA, Ken Six Los Angeles


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