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[CQ-Contest] Casual contesting...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Casual contesting...
From: ford@cmgate.com (Ford Peterson)
Date: Wed Mar 21 11:10:23 2001
I received a private correspondence from Dave K4JRB, CQ 160 Contests
Director.  He has convinced me that I should subscribe to CQ.  OK, I'll try

Dave writes:

>CQ tries hard to offer builders ideas, contest and operating
>columns and contests...

and later:

>I asked K2MGA to consider a members (subscribers) only
>web page with results and he is considering it.  I do get high claimed
>scores on the CQ web page each year now
>for the CQ 160.   The workers and ditrectors for the CQ contests are all
>volunteers, too.

OK, I'll stand corrected on several points.  I'll even send the $30 to try
it for a year.  At this point, contesting is a labor of love for those
involved.  They deserve my support.  The claimed scores prepared by Dink are
also quite valuable to me.  Special thanks go to Dink for his (and others
that support him) work in compiling "claimed" scores.  All the volunteers
who do the administration effort deserve a "hats off" for the effort.  I
continue to submit, however, that more elaborate feedback and follow through
is need to make this "sport" worthy of the notion.

In car racing, if you push or pull a sled to the starting line, you get a
token purse.  If you do 50 laps, you get a modest purse.  If you finish the
race, you get a bigger purse. if you place, the purse is the reason you
race!  You want participants?  Send everybody that enters a log a token of
participation--they'll beat a path to CQs and NCJs door...

I'll shut up now. (no applause please)


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