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[CQ-Contest] Reality check for contesters

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Reality check for contesters
From: k1ttt@berkshire.net (David Robbins)
Date: Fri Mar 23 16:07:13 2001
JBaumgarte@aol.com wrote:
> I am of the opinion that many who participate in this great reflector do so
> because they like to write not contest!
> If you're serious about amateur radio, how can you not support the ARRL?
> If you're serious about or even interested in contesting how can you not
> support and appreciate CQ?
> How many "serious" guys/gals who love this hobby consider supporting the
> "Fund for defense of Amateur Radio through the ARRL".  We spend big bucks
> building our stations, but won't part with $100/50/25 to help this effort
> which ultimately decides if we have some spectrum to effectively use.
> In this country (USA) and this hobby, if you want to dance--you gotta pay the
> fiddler--and I love it that way.

my question is, if you are serious enough to get on packet, or to set up and run
a packet node, why don't you support action to help protect our spectrum.  i
have been trying to drum up support on the dx spotting network (most of which
was initially started by contesters and is most heavily used during contest
weekends) for tracking down truckers who are invading our bands, specifically
10m.  i have been harrased on the network, filtered out of nodes, received email
telling me to stop, etc... it has even gone as far as having an ARRL Division
Director tell me that he thinks my reward offer may be illegal!  He has offered
no help and was the first complainer about my efforts.  Now, how is that for
support from the ARRL?  meanwhile the promised reply from the last October
effort to collect intruder information still hasn't be delivered.  and the march
washington mailbox column and other correspondence from this director seems to
brush off this particular problem as unstoppable.

there are a few interested individuals who have put their money where my mouth
is to match my reward offer.  but after the harrasement i have received i have
only seen a very few announcements on the network following my lead.  i have
also heard from a few people who say they are going to actively df some of these
invaders in their areas.

i would urge all contesters to put your antennas to use outside of contests and
help to track down the trucker intruders i have been announcing on the network. 
if you haven't seen the announces on your node check with your sysop and see if
the path to either my node, ab5k, or wu3v has blocked them and try to get them
passed through again.

note, i have selected this particular invader because they are obvious
intruders, relatively easy to get rough locations just from what they talk
about, and very persistant.  see my web page for a map of where i have located
them just from their transmissions over the last month or so.  there are also
more details of the reward offer that is now up to $330.

David Robbins K1TTT
e-mail: mailto://k1ttt@berkshire.net
web: http://www.berkshire.net/~robbins/k1ttt.html or http://www.k1ttt.net
AR-Cluster node: 145.69MHz or telnet://k1ttt.net

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