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From: k4oj@tampabay.rr.com (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Sat Mar 24 10:32:14 2001
This weekend's WPX SSB is the downshifting contest of the season...and along
with it is a time when Florida Contest stations frequently sprout wheels.
HF Contesting is not over yet!

The Florida QSO Party is coming in April.  We hope you will be joining us
once again this year.  Continuing a growth unseen in any other State QSO

With our being at the top of the sunspot cycle activity, ability for QSOs on
28 MHz alone is great. Last years winner had a fantastic run on 10 meters
which could be extrapolated as his "edge" over our winner of the previous
two years.   What does this mean to you?  A lot of us are probably louder!
A good deal of Florida's 67 counties are activated by mobile stations whose
antenna systems are less compromised on 10 meters than they are on the lower
bands.  Following the mobiles is fun - and easy - we even tell you who will
be covering what county!

If you want to find out just what the excitement is about I suggest going to
our FQP web page, listed below.  In addition to seeing last years results
and phenomenal write-up (recommend the read) you can find all the tools you
will need to participate in the FQP including software updates for your
contest logging software as well as paper-logs.

We have added a school competition category this year - contesters as a rule
seem to be of and increasing average age and anything we can do to pull in
some new guys is being pursued - contesting is just too much fun not to pass
it along.

Please follow the counties on FQP home page as they change in color from
Green to Orange as we get hams checking in that will be activating that
county - Florida Hams have you checked in yet?  As sponsors of the FQP, the
Florida Contest Group has gotten all 67 counties on the air now for three
years in a row and last year had our first clean sweeps!

Its Phone and CW, 10 through 40 meters 10 hours on Saturday and 10 on Sunday
and above all - its FUN!

FQP 2001 April 28 & 29, be there!

35 Days to FQP!

Jim, K4OJ
The Florida Contest Group - K4FCG

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