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[CQ-Contest] April QST arrives

Subject: [CQ-Contest] April QST arrives
From: K4tmc@aol.com (K4tmc@aol.com)
Date: Thu Mar 22 21:47:01 2001
Front cover photo of NT1N holding a 3-element yagi, and using a device for 
close-range foxhunting; with a feature article inside.

Contest related items:
Up Front in QST features a photo of K7BV operating from K5RC, and a sunset 
photo of the antennas
New Products - Heil Sound brings back the BM-10 headset
Product Review - Yaesu FT-817 Multiband Multimode Transceiver (the 
Backpacker, the ultimate 'stealth' contesting rig?)
Product Review - MFJ-616 Speech Intelligibility Enhancer
QRP Power column - Impressions of the Elecraft K2 Transceiver (anyone using 
this as a serious contest rig?)
Rules - 2001 IARU HF World Championship

Other interesting items:
It Seems To Us...(editorial) - Forty Meters, What's Happening?
DC Currents - New Amateur Radio Tower Proposals in 4 State Legislatures
Correspondence has a letter on QSL research statistics
Laser Generated Antennas (some neat gear, but no EZNEC figures...,oh well, it 
is April! :-)
Bridge the Digital Divide -- Basically (the Basic Stamp digital building 
The NVARC FoxFinder (cover story)
The NJQRP Squirt (reduced-size 80-meter dipole)
A QRP Expedition to Great Britain
Safe Computing (protecting yourself and your data)
Winds Aloft, When Radio Free Europe Flew Balloons (a history story)
DXing in the 21st Century, The DXCC Challenge
Balloon Lost! (launch and recovery of the ITA-4 balloon)
The Saga of Unshielded Wires (an RFI story)
The Care and Feeding of a Condo Antenna Farm
TV on 10 (10 meter SSTV)
Hints & Kinks - Quikloop, A Loop-Array Modleing Aid, and Improved RG-6 CATV 
Coax Connection
Happenings - Bill Orr, W6SAI, SK
How's DX - DX 2001 Survey Results (only 6.8% of the 1409 respondents listed 
contesting as their main interest; at least we beat the 5% ragchewers)
Op-Ed - The FCC Must Act Against Restrictive Covenants
Old Radio - The Legacy of the Globe King
The Help Desk - The ARRL Incoming & Outgoing QSL Bureau System/Service

Toronto Surplus is back with some more great commercial receivers, etc.
For those R.L. Drake aficionados, the ARRL shop has the book, A Family Affair 
- the R.L. Drake Story.
SGC's ad features 4 of their 'Smartuners' (SG-230, -231, -235, & -237).
There is a full-page ad devoted to the new 'Official ARRL Sportswear' (caps, 
shirts, jackets).

And more...

Good luck in this weekend's CQ WPX SSB Contest.

73 & High Rates,
Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC

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