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[CQ-Contest] CQ bashing

Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQ bashing
From: W8CAR@lrbcg.com (Dan Kovatch)
Date: Sat Mar 24 15:53:25 2001
I remember that this is a HOBBY. All the people posting comments such as
"I only read CQ for contest results" should remember that many a
'casual' contester reads CQ for particular content. I am a 'lifer' in
ARRL and granted, the contest coverage is prompt but the content of QST
has changed over the years. Many of the current articles have no
interest for me. The same applies for CQ. The point is, those of us in
this great hobby subscribe for the 'nuggets' about our particular
interest. I like to read about all areas of the hobby. Does a  stamp
collector not read a mag because it doesn't cover the type of stamp he
collects on a regular basis? He is a hobbist-so he pays his money and

I will subscribe to CQ for the future and not JUST for the contest
results. Maybe I'll become a county hunter and leave this contest stuff
to the 'stuffy' people. No offense, but that is how SOME of the
respondents to this topic sound. Doesn't seem like a good way to attract
the casual contester to trash a mag that lots of them read.

Now back to the WPX contest-just for fun!!!!!

no flack jacket necessary
semi-casual/pro/lifer contester

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