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[CQ-Contest] Reality check for contesters

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Reality check for contesters
From: k4sb@akorn.net (Ed)
Date: Sun Mar 25 15:40:34 2001

David Robbins wrote:
I have selected this particular invader because they are obvious
intruders, relatively easy to get rough locations just from what they
talk about, and very persistant. See my web page for a map of where i
have located them just from their transmissions over the last month or
so.  There are also more details of the reward offer that is now up to
I would think the idiotic email David received from an ARRL director
merely ignorance from a well known source.

Now, where is the FCC in this? David has pinpointed a hotbed of
activity around the Dallas area? Just how hard could it be to pinpoint
these in a couple of days. The obvious answer is that Hollingsworth is
more interested in getting his name in print for chasing hams

And the obvious is still with us. The FCC lost control of the CBers
and their answer was to prohibit selling amps which cover 10 to
legitimate hams. Lot of good that did..

Keep it up David


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