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[CQ-Contest] I can feel the heat! Fwoosh!

Subject: [CQ-Contest] I can feel the heat! Fwoosh!
From: w4pa@yahoo.com (Scott Robbins)
Date: Mon Mar 26 09:37:09 2001
Hi folks!

Boy, have I ever been burnt to a crisp by the email 
I received in response to my suggestion that TO5T
should be disqualified for not following the rules of
the WPX SSB contest.  I've received email saying
everything from "prove it" to "keep your mouth shut"
and "who cares, anyway".  I did get one message from
someone who observed the same behavior I did, though.


The ethics of the SSB contesting community have spoken
collectively, and the vast majority have said I should
shut my mouth and why do I care anyway?

I only care, 'cause I happen to like contesting.

I've got the message!  ....and I'll go back in my hole
and start operating only CW again, where at least some
ethical consideration is still in play (I hope).

Scott Robbins, W4PA

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