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[CQ-Contest] Assisted vs Unassisted

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Assisted vs Unassisted
From: kc5ajx@hotmail.com (Rick Bullon)
Date: Wed Mar 28 07:23:30 2001
Sorry I deleted the original message. But I believe the person wanted to
know what incentive there was in being unassisted vs assisted.
IMHO by starting out as unassisted you work on your operating skills and
trying to better YOUR score from contest to contest, as you do this your
skills get better and if funds are available so does your station.
I found out from guess oping that at a very good station I get lost running
if the calls are coming too fast for me. So I know now I need to work on
being able to run. I also learned that at a multi op station that I get
distracted by the noise from the other ops I need to learn to tune out the
noise around me ( unless it is the XYL calling me hihi)
The best advise I can give is don't worry about what the other guys are
doing just work on improving your skills and your station. If you get to the
level where you can compete with the top guys good for you if you can't
reach that level because of finances or location ( not enough room for big
towers or big antennas) then be the beat op you can with what you have.
I believe that a excellent op from a good station can beat a  so-so op from
an excellent station ( given the same propagation at both stations).
As far as assisted vs unassisted I think that assisted category is for ( and
I know I am going to get flamed for this )
   multi op stations who have to use packet to keep up with the other
multi op stations,
ops who can't spend but a few hours in the contest,
ops that just want to work a few new DX stations and
ops that don't want to work for the contacts buy S&Ping for them or waiting
for them to come to their run frequency
Assisted is for the ops than want to do the best with the station and skills
they have. After all it doesn't take much skill to click on a packet spot,
have the computer spin the beam and hit a function key to make the exchange.
It takes skill to know which band to be on and when which way to point the
beam and tune the rig for the contacts. When to run and when to S&P and how
to beak in to the pile up
So just get out there and have fun and do your best. If and when it stops
becoming fun then it is time to get out of contesting and try something else
in ham radio.
Ok flame suit on hihi

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