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[CQ-Contest] KL7RA needs advice Assisted/nonassisted

Subject: [CQ-Contest] KL7RA needs advice Assisted/nonassisted
From: kr1g@hotmail.com (ted demopoulos)
Date: Wed Mar 28 14:55:27 2001
Most of the big boys are unassisted (ignoring multi ops). I want to compete 
again the best. I also enjoy unassisted A LOT and am sure that my skills 
are increasing much faster because of it. Yes, I do operate assisted 
sometimes, although only when multiop, where you basically have to to be 
competitive (not that KR1G has ever had a competitive M/M, or SO either, 
but certainly competitive in terms of amount of fun!).

Single Op unassisted is the "traditional" entry class for all the Single Op 
big guns. Most are still there. It is more rewarding to me because its more 
fun. I may never beat the big boys, but I'll keep trying.

Hmmmm... Would it be cheating if I entered SO but claimed SO Assisted?? 
That way I could finally make the top ten in ARRL DX or CQWW :)


Ted, KR1G

PS: I don't mean to rag on SO Assisted at all. It's just not my cup of tea. 
There are some fantasic performances in SO assisted by guys like K3WW, that 
guy with the funny call like mine KI1G, and others, who could beat me with 
one ear tied behind their head in any class. But from casual perusal of the 
last couple years of results, top ten is *easier* to make in the assisted 
category. Top three is probably equally competitive.

 >From: "kl7ra"
 >To: "contest reflector"
 >CC: "ed"
 >Subject: [CQ-Contest] KL7RA needs advice
 >Yo Contesters - 5901, qrz, freq's in use, again again....
 >A few years ago a co-worker came out to the contest station
 >to see what HAM radio was all about. I told him it was a great
 >hobby where you get to buy stuff forever and then can tell other
 >hams what you bought. Also mentioned CONTESTING.....
 >Today Ed is N3HXQ and operated the WPX Phone contest as
 >S/O from his very own station in Maryland (Big Grin).
 >This morning I received this email from him and frankly I have no
 >answer. What would you say to a "new" guy in the hobby with
 >this question?
 >73 Rich KL7RA
 > >Hi Rich,
 > >
 > >It has been bothering me a little bit that the rules seem to be stacked
 > >against unassisted operation. My impression is that an assisted op can
 > >probably beat an unassisted op (the assisted op has more information
 > >right? when things get slow he can always just do some high yield
 > >multiplier hunting from spots). The problem seems to me to be that there
 > >is no incentive in the rules to be unassisted except personal
 > >satisfaction. You can't (generally speaking) tell if some one has
 > >cheated (but some seem to). Since you can get a higher score as
 > >assisted, the unassisted category is likely to whither away. If club
 > >contest results just add single op assisted and unassisted together
 > >unweighted, the incentive for club support is to go for the maximum
 > >score: assisted. It seems like people would have less and less incentive
 > >to be unassisted if they have to compete against cheaters in that
 > >category. Why not go to assisted and at least have a level playing
 > >field? Maybe this just a sign of the times and I should give up on
 > >unassisted operation, but I think it is fun. Is this something worth
 > >worrying about and if so, is there some way to fix the rules to make
 > >unassisted operation more viable? The current situation seems unstable
 > >and will lead to unassisted going away.
 > >
 > >Ed
 > >

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