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[CQ-Contest] Elecraft K2 for serious non-QRP contesting

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Elecraft K2 for serious non-QRP contesting
From: W8JI@contesting.com (Tom Rauch)
Date: Wed Mar 28 19:40:56 2001
Hi Tom,

 > cast aluminum heat sink. The amp will be designed such that it'll
 > install EITHER IN the rig, OR as an EXTERNAL amp... but it will
 > ONLY(!!!) work WITH the K2, thus eliminating use of it on other gigs
 > OR on certain non-ham bands.

I just went through that with the FCC. They will NOT allow an
external PA even if it "only works with one rig". They were very
clear about that with me.

It would have to be internal, or face type-acceptance.

73, Tom W8JI

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