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[CQ-Contest] I can feel the heat! Fwoosh!

Subject: [CQ-Contest] I can feel the heat! Fwoosh!
From: xrdave@optonline.net (Dave)
Date: Thu Mar 29 03:08:24 2001
 > Your implication above is that those stations were logged in with a
 > different callsign and spotting themselves. Does it happen? Probably. But
 > caution you to be darn careful about assuming every instance you see is a
 > violation of the rules (which, by the way, don't really say much about
 > self-spotting).


    I wasn't suggesting any conclusions at all, about you or anyone else.
However I do feel that there were obvious cases in the dataset. My point was
that there is really no mechanism in place for any input, either for a case
like Scott discovered OR a case like I discovered.

     The real decision, as opposed to an assumption is up to the sponsor of
the contest and their delegated staff. In a case like I observe, I could
forward my results to the organizers, but have never seen a reference asking
for this type of participation from the operators. In Scott's example, such
verification really ought to be performed by a refereeing body in real time.

     Scott suggests that a large group of ops might become a committee of
sorts, and before any given contest, a subgroup of those available to
referee an event would volunteer. They could be contacted more or less real
time to confirm or deny the received reports, and take appropriate action.
Scott points out that this would be a lovely way for him to participate in a
phone contest, and it would also be a great way for some of the lesser
equipped stations to assume a position of prominence.

     Dave  K2XR

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>From Steve, IK4WMH" <topdxer@tin.it  Thu Mar 29 07:33:38 2001
From: Steve, IK4WMH" <topdxer@tin.it (Steve, IK4WMH)
Subject: Re[2]: [CQ-Contest] Assisted vs Unassisted
In-Reply-To: <MABBJMCCNOHJBHKGEPBNKECLCGAA.lw9euj@ciudad.com.ar>
References: <MABBJMCCNOHJBHKGEPBNKECLCGAA.lw9euj@ciudad.com.ar>
Message-ID: <796827186.20010329083338@tin.it>

Hello Martin,

Thursday, March 29, 2001, 3:51:01 AM, you wrote:

C> As things get worse contest after contest, I hope some of the people who
C> replied so furiously to my postings about eliminating the assisted class,
C> get the point now.
C> Why to create separations that we cannot control at all?
C> My modest suggestion, is to eliminate the use of packet to separate single
C> ops from single ops assisted.

Why don't you go to a greater extent?

Why not eliminate the Single Op. entry at all, both assisted or

It is very difficult, if not impossible (expecially on cw) to know
whether one and only one op. is running for the whole 48 hours or he
takes some sleeping hours when a neighboring pal comes to the station
and operates for a few hours.

And while we are at it, let's eliminate the QRP section cause no one
can be sure the power output is not exceeding the 5 watts limit.

I'd advise you to suggest the creation of one single entry where
everything is permitted.

I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members.

           Steve, IK4WMH

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>From OK1FUA (OL5Y) Martin Huml" <OL5Y@contesting.com  Thu Mar 29 15:29:12 2001
From: OK1FUA (OL5Y) Martin Huml" <OL5Y@contesting.com (OK1FUA (OL5Y) Martin 
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Splatters in WPX
Message-ID: <11728.010329@contesting.com>

Hi fellows,

is there on the reflector someone from UP0L and W5WMU? I would like to
send them audio recording of theirs horrible (but not the strongest)
signals with 20kHz-wide splatters, which caused troubles to me in WPX
this weekend. Did enyone else have the same problem?


Martin Huml
OK1FUA, in the contests: OL5Y, IH9/OL5Y, IH9P, S586U (WRTC 2000)
Contest Team Pantelleria - IH9P - CQWWDX SSB MULTI/MULTI

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