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[CQ-Contest] Bill, what did "IS" mean?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Bill, what did "IS" mean?
From: w4pa@yahoo.com (Scott Robbins)
Date: Thu Mar 29 19:11:38 2001

 >Hi Scott,

 >I'll try to answer you within the bounds of
 >can disagree without being disagreeable".  (In other
 >words, "we're all entitled to an opinion".)

I knew that this was going to degenerate to yet
another discussion over parsing rule language.

 >Point #2 - The rules do not prohibit on-the-air
 >solicitation of contacts, nor do they prohibit
 >solicitation of "spots".  I can make an argument
 >that >they should, but they do not.

 >Therefor I can't agree with you that they were

At the beginning of the rules, there is a statement
that reads (quoting directly):

"Only the entrant's callsign can be used to aid the
entrant's score."

If the entrant is saying on 15 meters "hey, K9whoever,
spot me on the U.S. packet network" - then that is
undisputably using something other than the entrant's
callsign to aid the entrant's score.

 >Point #1 - The spotting network exists to assist
 >contesters to achieve higher scores.  I can make
 >an argument that it should not be active during
 >contests, but it is.

 >Hans, K0HB

The same statement: "Only the entrant's callsign can
be used to aid the entrant's score" is applied to
self-spotting yourself using a different callsign
than the one you are using during the contest.  Again,
this is what TO5T did, multiple times by using FM5
callsigns of operators to self-spot TO5T on the packet
networks.  Clearly not allowed even if "self-spotting"
were allowed (and I don't think it is).

The other issue of whether or not packet self-spotting
is "legal" under WPX rules for multi-single I'll leave
to someone else to argue.  It certainly isn't allowed
for single op assisted, and the general opinion of
contesting in general is that self-spotting is an
active use of packet that is prohibited regardless
of what category you're operating.

I remain totally unapologetic.  And the more email
messages I receive that want to parse rule language or
defend cheating and/or unethical contest behavior the
more my disgust grows.

Hans, I agree we are all entitled to an opinion, and
we'll have to agree to disagree because I happen to
think I am right this time.

Scott Robbins, W4PA

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