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[CQ-Contest] RE: Bill, what did "IS" mean?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] RE: Bill, what did "IS" mean?
From: kg0us@swbell.net (David Rich)
Date: Sat Mar 31 12:32:33 2001
I think the original complaint was that a certain individual allegedly asked
several operators to spot him during the contest.  Some seem to think that 
it is
a violation of the rules and that this individual should be disqualified.
Looking at the rules below, a person should be disqualified if using
"non-amateur means" to self spot their station.  While I am not necessarily in
support of this individuals actions,  it seems that this individual, by asking
other operators to spot him, used "amateur means" rather than "non-amateur
means" to get spotted.  He allegedly asked other amateur radio operators to 
him which is technically an amateur means to solicit additional contacts 
just as
is calling CQ Contest.  The amateurs he asked were free to decide whether 
or not
to spot his station.

There were other allegations that this individual used other callsigns to spot
his station.  If so, this would be a violation of the rules.  However, you
better have good solid proof before pursuing this allegation.

Perhaps for next year the CQ rules committee should added a statement saying
that one can not ask other amateurs to spot ones station during a contest.

Dave KG0US


 > Guys,
 > If you want to quote rules, you are missing the one that fundamentally
 > applies here.  Go to the end of the WPX rules under XV. DISQUALIFICATION
 > (2nd para):
 > "The use of non-amateur means such as telephones, telegrams, packet, etc. to
 > solicit contacts or multipliers during the contest is unsportsmanlike and
 > the entry is subject to disqualification.  Actions and decisions of the WPX
 > Contest Committee are official and final."
 > So there are specific rules in place that address the use of packet for
 > self-spotting.  I would stop discussing this in an open forum and make a
 > formal complaint to N8BJQ.
 > Kenny K2KW
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