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[CQ-Contest] I can feel the heat! Fwoosh!

Subject: [CQ-Contest] I can feel the heat! Fwoosh!
From: kg2au@stny.rr.com (Jimmy Weierich)
Date: Sat Mar 31 17:45:57 2001
I've heard these allegations before and there is something I've
always wondered about:

Even if some kind of illegal high power transmitter was used to
achieve signals that were 40 or 30 or however many dB louder than
anyone else, they still had to HEAR all the stations they worked.

I'd like to know how they managed to hear so many stations. Were they
somehow cheating on the receive side also?


K3BU wrote:

 >Please answer me, why did IV3TAN need 3x380V service for FL2100?
 >Can you tell me what exactly, what kind of amplifier (going to antenna) and
 >how much power did he use?
 >Can we see pictures of linears in IG9 photos?
 >Did he sign declaration stating that he observed all the rules and
 >regulations, and did he (and other IG9s) observe them? Running only 300W as
 >allowed by Italian regulations?
 >Can you explain (your calculations) how 300W into single quarter wave
 >vertical produce such a signal?
 >Can we set it up again? I would like to come and see it! I tried verticals on
 >the beach, 4 squares, and I have not managed to produce such a signals. I
 >would like to be 30 dB louder than anything from NA. I will pay you or anyone
 >else to reveal the secret, I would like to have antennas like that.


 >Reflectorites, I am sorry to drag this around, but I think contesting
 >community deserves answers. If they cheated, they should admit it, ask to
 >withdraw records from the tables, shape up and compete like most of us. Let's
 >keep contesting clean, there is too much pressure from cheaters threatening
 >to destroy the last sane bastion in ham radio. DXing was devalued by lists,
 >nets and packet, now contesting is under pressure to "liberalize" the rules.
 >I think it is better to bring few bad apples out, than let rest of the decent
 >barrel spoil. The peer pressure is just about all we have.
 >Yuri, K3BU, NT1E
Jimmy Weierich, KG2AU       <kg2au@stny.rr.com>
Vestal, NY  USA           FN12xa

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