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[CQ-Contest] Since we are all performing the 'mea culpa's'

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Since we are all performing the 'mea culpa's'
From: k3ft@erols.com (Chuck K3FT)
Date: Sat Feb 2 16:49:44 2002
and sharing in the common bond of 'been there, done that, got that red-face', 
I'll add
When I was first licensed to op 'phone, after upgrading to Gen from Novice, 
back in
1970,  - DAMN! that seems SO long ago <grin> - I used to operate VOX because I 
not having to mash the foot switch or push the PTT button. <Note.. the 
operative word is

Was setting my clock and listening to CHU on 7335 kHz. They skip the time tick 
during each minute.  I had just set the clock and was awaiting the next cycle 
annoucement to see that I was 'right on' the money. Well, the :30 approached, 
tick went away, and without thinking I yelled nice and loud "HEY! YOU MISSED 
ONE!" just
for fun.

To my chagrin I heard the click-click of the VOX relay.. the transmitter keyed 
and OUT 
it went.  WOnder, to this day.. if anyone heard that.

Ahh, Amateur Radio! It is a never ending series of exciting times, indeed!

Chuck K3FT

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