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[CQ-Contest] RTTY WPX and NA Sprint CW this weekend (fwd)

Subject: [CQ-Contest] RTTY WPX and NA Sprint CW this weekend (fwd)
From: kn5h@yahoo.com (S Nace)
Date: Fri Feb 8 08:43:04 2002

My opinion only:
The RTTY guys get little sympathy from me after numerous events over many years 
in which I am firmly planted on ~14060 +/-  (or 7060 or 21060) during SS CW and 
get ran off by an unknown, anonymous (to me) deliberately interfering signal. 
Sure, I take the chance this will happen, but do these guys listen before 
transmitting? Hey, I aint saying that we should intentionally CQ NA on some S3 
RTTY signal thats below 7060, but out here in Arizona with my hi-tech inverted 
Vee at 25 feet,  rtty on 40 will take a backseat to working VE2AWR or some 
other juicy mult. 
de kn5h

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