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[CQ-Contest] Morons at the NCJ

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Morons at the NCJ
From: ku8e1@yahoo.com (Jeffrey Clarke)
Date: Sat Feb 9 09:28:41 2002
K4IK wrote :

" What is the possibility of exchanging weekends for the FOC Marathon 
and CW Sprint?  RTTY WPX is between a rock and a hard place since 
the Mexico International RTTY is the first full weekend of February 
and the ARRL DX Contest (CW) is the third full weekend of February, 
RTTY WPX has no place to move ... "

 jeez... I never realized the Mexico International RTTY contest was a
major contesting event ???  I will have to pay more attention to the
contest calendar next time !!! Seriously, It doesn't make much sense
in having two RTTY contests a couple weeks apart....


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