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[CQ-Contest] Re: Sprint musings

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: Sprint musings
From: ku8e1@yahoo.com (Jeffrey Clarke)
Date: Mon Feb 11 06:33:21 2002

 W9WI wrote :

"With regard to people sending the exchange in the "wrong" order.. 
Looking at the rules, I note that they show the "right" method as an
example - but they say "You may send this information in any order. 
For example:".  Maybe it would be a good idea to replace "For example:"
with "The suggested method is:"..  or even stronger wording?"

 I have to admit I was one of the guilty parties who was sending my
exchange in a different order than suggested. Normally I do the
 "N6TR 001 Jeff OH de KU8E" like everyone else but in the middle
of the contest I changed this to "N6TR de KU8E 001 Jeff OH"  because
I was I was frustrated with stations calling me when I was in the
of a QSO. I think by not sending my callsign last in the exchange cut
down on this problem. Also would this be a non-issue with TRlog since
you can type in the exchange as you copy it ???

                        73's Jeff 


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