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[CQ-Contest] Power Entry

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Power Entry
From: ve6yp@shaw.ca (Tony Field)
Date: Mon Feb 18 21:39:43 2002
> It all gets back to that old debate as to whether to copy "ATT"
and log
> "ATT" or log "100".  It all ends up meaning the same thing.

4.Contest Exchange:
4.2. DX stations send signal report and power (number indicating
approximate transmitter output power).

I guess the contest rules are rocket science. Of course, any RST
exchange sent as 5NN or ENN should be so recorded :-)  Serial
numbers sent as NAT should be so recorded :-)   Power sent as K or
KW should be so recorded :-)

With a major leap of faith, since the program you use to send the
exchange automagically translates 599 1000 (in your log) to 5NN KW
when transmitting, a similar inverse logic might follow for the
program receiving the exchange?

Maybe anyone using cut numbers should be automatically

tony, ve6yp

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