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[CQ-Contest] S53M audio and webcam

Subject: [CQ-Contest] S53M audio and webcam
From: simon@hamradio.si (Simon Ravnic)
Date: Tue Feb 19 17:22:34 2002

If you made a QSO in ARRL CW with S53M on 40m this weekend and want to hear
how your signal was on my side send me an email and I'll send you your audio
snapshot. Please note if you want .WAV or .MP3.

My webcam on http://s53m.hn.org/cam.html which was online during the contest
received 2500 hits from 250 unique users. If you have any interesting
pictures saved send it please, so I can see what was going on :)

Thanks for working me!

Simon, S53ZO (@S53M)

Simon Ravnic, simon@hamradio.si

"The opinions expressed in this email are strictly those of the author
 but he is a very good fellow so you can trust what he says."

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