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[CQ-Contest] Little Gun Dilemma: Callsign not acknowledged

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Little Gun Dilemma: Callsign not acknowledged
From: clive@gw3njw.fsworld.co.uk (Clive Whelan)
Date: Tue Feb 19 19:33:16 2002
NG3K wrote

> At step 4, my personal preference is:
> 4  me: big0gun r ng3k 599 md

I think you * should*, and I always *do* send

4. de ng3k ng3k tu 599 md  ( I do think the de is important as a 
delimiter here)

If big0gun sends anything else but ng3k tu......., don't log 
him, it's his own fault and he deserves a NIL.

Thanks for the Q from GW7X ( not a big gun!), you were not 
strong, but quite readable.


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