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[CQ-Contest] Contests and Packet

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contests and Packet
From: k6km@cncnet.com (Bill Snider)
Date: Wed Feb 20 21:03:13 2002
I've long been an advocate for shutting down all packet during 
major (TBD) contests. So far, support for this idea has been 
nonexistent. Maybe it isn't as important now that we can access 
spotting data via the internet. 

In the past, nodemeisters had the power to elimnate their contest 
competition merely by locking 'em out of their cluster. It happened 
to me. It could happen again to anyone who wants to do a serious 
multiop without internet access. 

I'm not one to negate techincal progress and I envy those who 
have found new ways to make bigger scores through tech innovation. 
BUT local packet did and maybe still does give too much 
power to the node sysop. 

Shields up. 

Bill K6KM

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