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[CQ-Contest] N2RM packetless M/2 details

Subject: [CQ-Contest] N2RM packetless M/2 details
From: N5RP@pdq.net (Bob, N5RP)
Date: Wed Feb 20 23:36:18 2002
At 12:15 2/20/02 -0500, John Golomb wrote:
>First of all, our entire crew agrees that the contest was much more fun
>without packet.  It is immensely more satisfying to "build your
>own" multiplier total during the contest.
It seems to me your team is REALLY back to doing what radio sport is all about.

I remember being on Hainan Island a few years ago and watching the Chinese 
get fish with dynamite. Got a lot of fish without much effort. Was it 
fishing ? Naw ! Was it sport fishing ? Naw, again !

Doing the F1 boogy and the packet mult search is sort of the same thing.
Is it radio sport ? Naw !

Did you ring a cow bell when you found those new mults ?
Did you feel as though you had a team playing where everyone was needed in 
order to keep that team in full function ?

Wow, wish I had been with you guys.
I'd have been happy to just search the bands for those new mults and pass 
'em along.

Does it matter if anyone else does what your team did ? Naw !
Anyone can hunt a baited field. Let 'em if that is the only way they can hunt.

You guys keep on workin' the fields the right way, and doing your own 
flushing !

There might be hope for contesting yet.

Go for the gusto. Scrap that partial check crap, as well.
You guys are good enough to not need that.
I know N2AA can copy callsigns without help.


Bob Perring
Amateur Radio Station  N5RP
N5RP Station Page: http://freeweb.pdq.net/perring/station.html

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>From Sylvan Katz <jskatz@sk.sympatico.ca>  Thu Feb 21 14:19:13 2002
From: Sylvan Katz <jskatz@sk.sympatico.ca> (Sylvan Katz)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contests and Packet
Message-ID: <00e801c1bae2$bcc5cf20$6400a8c0@selfsimilar>

How about if the assisted class were eliminate and everyone could use
packet. Won't this encourage more contestants to post all of their contacts
as spots and then won't this flood the clusters, fill up the logging program
bandmap buffers to overflowing and render packet spots nearly useless.

By keeping packet spotting in the assisted class or underground may be we
are making matters more difficult for ourselves :)

.. sylvan

Sylvan Katz, VE5ZX
Saskatoon, SK

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