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[CQ-Contest] Packet vs. No Packet Contesting

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Packet vs. No Packet Contesting
From: snichols@mvosprey.com (Scott Nichols)
Date: Thu Feb 21 16:44:32 2002
Well put Dick!!

Along with using the T4/R4 pair and post-it notes, delete the amps, stacks
and Ethernet cards and really give yourself an operating test...Dx cluster
usage is just another technological tool that has become a part of everyday
ham life...Just like dual VFO's for split operation on 40m SSB, computerized
logging to eliminate some logging errors, and programs to tell you where to
point the beam when you have no idea where the Marshall Islands are...

My experience (as limited as it is) shows that I waste too much time chasing
spotted mults that I will likely work in a later run anyway, so I don't rely
on it, and seldom chase a spotted mult...However, I  usually go "Assisted"
in a DX contest cuz there are usually lots of fills for the 5 Band DXCC that
I want to work...More to a contest weekend than winning for me...

73, Scott VE1OP

Dick Pechie - KB1H wrote:

> Time to add my two cents worth....
> Adding to what I consider a waste of bandwidth, this packet vs no-packet
> contesting is really a silly thread. I guess I add my nonsense only
> because some of the tones in the messages suggest I am less a contester
> if I use packet! I don't think so. If no-packet contesting is needed to
> prove my respect for the sport than I guess we all should dig out our
> Drake T4/R4 pairs and really tough it out. Paper logs, Post-its to pass
> mults between operating positions.
> If no packet makes your juices flow than do it! I am not really sure
> what it proves but if doing a contest that way renews a lost feeling I
> guess it's good.
> I dare say that packet has brought a few new contesters. Increased
> activity a little. Replacing the old "search and pounce" with "point and
> shoot" has gotten a few less talented operators active.
> My only suggestion would be to make a Unassisted category for all
> transmitter classes and not look down your nose at those that chose to
> utilize what resources are available and you choose not to use.
> 73 Dick - KB1H
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