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[CQ-Contest] Strange cable lengths

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Strange cable lengths
From: marco.spalluzzi@orobiacom.it (Marco Spalluzzi)
Date: Fri Feb 22 08:42:00 2002
Hi guys, I've got a question for you: a friend of mine said is possible feed
an antenna using low loss 75 ohm cable, through a system like this:
(antenna)-(any length of 75 ohm coax)-(piece of length L of 50 ohm
coax)-(piece of lenght L of 75 ohm coax)-(rtx or amp).
The lenght L is, band by band, as follows, assuming vf 0.66 (rg213, rg11):

Band        Length
80            14' 8''
40            7' 5.5''
20             3' 9''
15             30''
10             22''

Why this lenghts? For example, 3' 9'' on 20 are approx. 1/12 wavelength.

Bye, Marco - IK2XSL

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