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[CQ-Contest] Real hams don't XXX

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Real hams don't XXX
From: autonews@shaw.ca (Kelly Taylor)
Date: Sat Feb 23 13:42:50 2002
Boy, it's always interesting to see what people will read into other's

For those who missed it, the point of Guy's posting was simply this: Do what
you wish to do, but don't belittle those who wish to do differently as long
as everyone plays by the rules.

I got the point. Why didn't everybody?

(And yes, there have been several -- countless, even -- attempts to belittle
those who don't interpret the rules the way some do.)

73, kelly

>From Jim Stevens" <k4ma@nc.rr.com  Sat Feb 23 20:14:41 2002
From: Jim Stevens" <k4ma@nc.rr.com (Jim Stevens)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] SSB Sprint Logs Received
Message-ID: <028401c1bca6$c9e36300$6401a8c0@nc.rr.com>

I have updated the Logs Received Web page with all of the logs received
Please check it out and let me know if you believe your log is missing.


Jim Stevens, K4MA

>From Jim Stevens" <k4ma@nc.rr.com  Sat Feb 23 22:04:34 2002
From: Jim Stevens" <k4ma@nc.rr.com (Jim Stevens)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] SSB Sprint Missing Logs
Message-ID: <030d01c1bcb6$16a582e0$6401a8c0@nc.rr.com>

The deadline for submitting logs for SSB Sprint is March 5.
As of today here are all the missing logs for stations that made more
than 200 QSOs.

Send your logs (preferrably in Cabrillo format) to: ssbsprint@ncjweb.com

73, Jim K4MA

K9PG 366
KW8N 332
KA9FOX 324
N2NL 322
K4XS 314
K4NO 308
K9ZO 308
N9RV 308
N6RO 306
W7WA 296
K5KG 292
NA7NA 286
K3MM 282
N6ED 282
K6RO 280
K7RI 278
K9TM 276
N4ZZ 272
KO9A 270
N6MJ 270
ND8DX 260
NS4W 254
AJ3M 248
K9NW 248
KE9I 242
K1HT 240
WA9IRV 220
W1VE 218
WA7BNM 198
WB1GQR 194
W1WQM 186
K3WU 176
VE5CPU 170
N9JF 166
W7OM 164
N6AN 160
K1PQS 148
WQ5L 146
K5RC 130
K6EP 130
WO7Y 126
K6EY 120
NA4K 118
AA0AI 114
W3GH 114
W4NF 114
NE0P 112
KS5M 106
W3YY 104
W6LFB 104

Jim Stevens, K4MA

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