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[CQ-Contest] Packet vs. No Packet Contesting

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Packet vs. No Packet Contesting
From: k2av@contesting.com (Guy Olinger, K2AV)
Date: Sat Feb 23 22:00:12 2002
One thing about the good ole days, that's still true ... the
camaraderie doesn't depend on the technology. It depends on that great
gang of guys you're with.

Was a terrible thing after a contest to discover a post-it down on the
floor with a mult you didn't work.

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Packet vs. No Packet Contesting

Dick Pechie - KB1H wrote:

> If no-packet contesting is needed to
> prove my respect for the sport than I guess we all should dig >out
our Drake T4/R4 pairs and really tough it out. Paper logs, >Post-its
to pass mults between operating positions.

Did that for years and had a ball!
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