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[CQ-Contest] FT1000MP band data

Subject: [CQ-Contest] FT1000MP band data
From: W5ASP@aol.com (W5ASP@aol.com)
Date: Tue Feb 26 18:42:37 2002
I missed out on the initial part of this thread, but I thought it worth while 
jumping in with a bit of info that may or may not be common knowledge.

As has been mentioned, the Kenwood TS-930 (and probably 940) required the 
same "funny" DIN connector.  Back then some DIN connectors seemed to work, 
most didn't.  There most definitely was a difference. As noted elsewhere, the 
difference is that in one instance the pins are arranged in a circular 
pattern while in the other the "first and last" two pins are offset from the 

I had occasion years ago to look into this and found that the "funny" 
connector that actually worked on my TS-930 was in fact a SwitchCraft product 
quite distinct from the run-of-the-mill DIN.  I once had a product number, 
but it's long gone.  I don't even know if they're still around.  But maybe 
someone in the parts business can follow this thru for the benefit of the new 
generation of confused users.

Joe, W5ASP

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