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[CQ-Contest] FT1000MP band data

Subject: [CQ-Contest] FT1000MP band data
From: n2mg@contesting.com (Mike Gilmer - N2MG)
Date: Wed Feb 27 11:25:28 2002
On Wed, 27 February 2002, "Tom Rauch" wrote:

> The kenwoods are a special size also??? 

That's what I wrote yesterday in my ASCII art post.  I 
guess no one reads my mail. ;-)

As was written in another post, The RF Connection has 
these beasts


In fact, they are referred to as "for Kenwood".  Gonna 
get me some real quick like.  Then maybe it'll make 
sense for me to repair the broken jack on my 940!

Mike N2MG

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