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[CQ-Contest] C&S Engineering FES device

Subject: [CQ-Contest] C&S Engineering FES device
From: k5ka@earthlink.net (Ken Adams K5KA)
Date: Wed Feb 27 22:03:59 2002
C&S Engineering used to produce a device called a Front End Saver
that would switch a receive only antenna to ground in xmit mode.
Does anyone know if that device is being made by any other folks.
73, Ken

>From PY2NY - Vitor" <py2ny@arrl.net  Thu Feb 28 13:25:47 2002
From: PY2NY - Vitor" <py2ny@arrl.net (PY2NY - Vitor)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Tnx Again
Message-ID: <003b01c1c05b$7424a4c0$7414d2c8@oemcomputer>

CQ-contest was again my salvation. Almost 
everything that we need, we can find with
our friends in this reflector...
TR-44 CDE.CDR rotator manual received,
information about FL-2000B, too. 
Many thanks for everybody and thanks to
share your knowledge with me, here in
See you next weekend at ARRL SSB contest,
will do 20m only, low power !!
PY2NY - Vitor Luis Aidar dos Santos
Caixa Postal  204  -  Jaboticabal, SP
14870-970   -   Brasil
E-mail: py2ny@arrl.net
Phone: (16) 97854218

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