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[CQ-Contest] Using a Bogus Check

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Using a Bogus Check
From: n4bp@netzero.net (Bob Patten)
Date: Wed May 1 04:00:31 2002
Tom Osborne wrote:
> "LORONA,AL (A-USA,ex3)" wrote:
> >if you are one of the lucky 55ers, you will always have the >advantage over, 
> >say, a 91er. Interesting, huh?
> Naw, "91" would be a great check.  Same with "99."  Just send
> "NA" or "NN."  Then we could start the thread on cut numbers
Hey why didn't I think of that before!  I'm one of those "lucky 55ers"
and I could have been taking even more advantage of it by sending "EE"
all these years...  :-)

73,     Bob Patten, N4BP                Plantation, FL

E-Mail: n4bp@netzero.net                Website: http://www.qsl.net/n4bp
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>From Fabio I4UFH" <i4ufh@libero.it  Wed May  1 11:50:33 2002
From: Fabio I4UFH" <i4ufh@libero.it (Fabio I4UFH)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] International ARI  Contest Next Weekend !!
Message-ID: <043f01c1f0fe$050c0dc0$547e623e@i4ufh>

Hi Folks,

Just to remind you the  The ARI International DX Contest 2002 next weekend
It's a worldwide competition: everyone can work everyone.

Starting · From 20:00 UTC of Saturday 4 May 2002 to 19:59 UTC of Sunday 5
May 2002.

rules and information are available at the follow link

A new version 2002 of the UA1AAF ARI Contest Log Program is available,
please drop me
a mail if you are interested, it's FREE, FAST and Light only 69Kb, I will
send you promptly
trough mail before the Contest !!!

73 de Fabio I4UFH & Commitee

Italian Contest Manager

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