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[CQ-Contest] Mobiling and Contesting - Re-thinking preconceptions

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Mobiling and Contesting - Re-thinking preconceptions
From: kg5u@hal-pc.org (Dale L Martin)
Date: Thu May 2 01:27:45 2002
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> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Mobiling and Contesting - Re-thinking
> preconceptions
> Prior to operating in the Armadillo Run years back I thought anyone who
> stuck an HF rig in their car probably also wore a pocket protector and
> thought working A station in Canada was rare DX...i.e. "get a life".
> When I followed the Texans as they covered the humongous state of Texas -
> with about four times as many counties as Florida, I had a ball -
> they were
> cracker jack CW ops the likes of K5LZO and K5ZD and the anticipation of
> waiting for them to cross a county line and the ensuing QRQ pileups was an
> absolute blast!  I had a scribbled all over a photocopied list of
> the Texas
> counties which was pencilled out as the weekend went on - mind
> you this was
> still paper logging days!

We all know how humble and reserved Jim is.  He won't tell you, but I will:
He failed to mention that he was the ONLY operator to work ALL 255 Texas
counties in that Armadillo Run -- 254 real counties plus a special county
proclaimed by the Texas Governor as Armadillo County (it followed the Texas
Independence Trail).

For that achievement, Texas DX Society flew Jim to Houston for the
ComVention where he was presented with his award (and got to meet all of

Now.  I look back on the past weekend with regret yet again.  Due to other
commitments away from radios, I never got a chance to get on a play in the
FQP.  But, I swear I will never be FQP-less again!

dale, kg5u


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