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[CQ-Contest] Heil FS-2 Foot Switch

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Heil FS-2 Foot Switch
From: rthorne@tcac.net (Richard Thorne)
Date: Thu May 2 16:34:46 2002
Have any contesters tried the new FS-2 foot switch?  My FS-1 just went
belly up after 10 years of faithful service.  It would be simple to fix
as the microswitch just needs replacing.  But it may be time to try
something new.

Richard Thorne - N5ZC
Amarillo, TX

>From Robert W. King" <w3gh@kiski.net  Thu May  2 23:12:03 2002
From: Robert W. King" <w3gh@kiski.net (Robert W. King)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] VP6DI logs
Message-ID: <022301c1f226$6475b800$c0aec3d1@oemcomputer>

For over two weeks the VP6DI logs cannot be accessed. Why?
When I bring up the on line log it states-"sorry, no inquiries 
accepted".  Any clues?


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