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[CQ-Contest] Mobiling and Contesting - Re-thinking preconceptions

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Mobiling and Contesting - Re-thinking preconceptions
From: ku8e1@yahoo.com (Jeffrey Clarke)
Date: Fri May 3 11:41:13 2002
 Sounds like K4OJ has caught the mobile QSO party bug and joined the
likes of K8MR, K8CC, W1NN and others who will be making their annual
treks during MQP,OQP,FQP,PQP etc....  I caught the bug a few years ago
when I did the MQP the first time with K9TM. Since then I have made my
annual treks during April and August for the MQP and OQP. It's going to
be a little tougher now that I have moved to GA but the GQP has pretty
good activity so look for me then. FL is only about 250 miles away from
the new QTH so maybe I will make it down south an join the fun down
there in 2003???

 For those of you who are station-less ( or don't have a real one like
me) this is the perfect fix for curing the contesting blues....

                     73's  Jeff  KU8E/4

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