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[CQ-Contest] WPX Plaque Update

Subject: [CQ-Contest] WPX Plaque Update
From: btippett@alum.mit.edu (Bill Tippett)
Date: Fri May 3 20:58:51 2002
W7ZR wrote:
>Now how about the 1993, 1994, and 1995 paper?

W4AN wrote:
>KM3T reports receiving the plaque for 1998 (I think) win in the WPX SSB
contest from my station using his callsign.

        WPX guest operators/calls sometimes create problems which may
differ for plaques versus certificates since they are taken care of by
two different entities for WPX contests.  CQ Magazine mails out all WPX
certificates and they send them automatically only to the HOLDER of the
call...not the operator.  If you think you are due a certificate for
a WPX contest using a different call than your own, first check that
the holder of that call did not already receive it. 

        N8BJQ takes care of WPX plaques and he will do whatever you ask.  
I asked him to send my plaque directly to me but I suspect he sends them 
to the call holder unless instructed otherwise.  For anyone who has 
problems, contact Steve directly at  n8bjq@erinet.com  since he is not
this reflector.  I've always found him to be very responsive.

                                        73,  Bill  W4ZV (aka NY4A)

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