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[CQ-Contest] Re: The KLEZ virus and contesters

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: The KLEZ virus and contesters
From: yt3t@absolutok.net (Kele YT3T)
Date: Sat May 4 01:09:12 2002
I suffered KLEZ attack few weeks ago. Unfortunately, it was a week after
setting new comp, and no antivirus program installed at that time.

The mail was received from a known sender, within email ham list. However,
his address title was little different than usual, but it didn;t ring any
bells to me. This email came to me on March 5th at about 2300. KLEZ attacked
at 0000 on March 6th (as he promissed :-)) and I noticed funny noises
between my root disk and remote one, as they made love... I shut them down
and waited for  the morning explanation from F6GNZ who warned us that Klez
was there.

Results = all my JPG, DOC, XLS and TXT files were gonne.

Now I use NAV2002 regularly updated, Netscape rather than Microsoft, and
still registered one KLez attempt few days ago.

So, better be very carefull.

73 Kele YU1AO, YT3T

check www.QSLL.com

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