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[CQ-Contest] Heil FS-2 Foot Switch

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Heil FS-2 Foot Switch
From: k5iid@ntelos.net (Tom Horton)
Date: Sat May 4 04:47:03 2002
I've been using foot switches for over forty years.
I always have just picked them up at swapfests, etc.
I don't know what the Heil switch costs, but I'll bet I've
bought mine a lot cheaper.
They are usually made from a plain old spst microswitch.
I saw a hint that came from N4MM a lot of years ago about a knee switch,
and I built one...hard job that. I velcro'd one of my foot switches to the 
inside part of
my desk. If I don't wanna use my foot, I just move my knee a bit.
Also, I always have at least 2 foot switches on the floor, in case I want 
to move my feet around.
Another thing. A friend of mine used an old J-38 key screwed to a board. 
73, Tom K5IID

At 11:53 05/03/02 -0400, aluscre wrote:
>After my FS-1 went bad I pcikup a sewing machine foot swtich.
>I works great. Less resistance to push, better angle for foot, wider, more
>stable on floor (moves less and never over turns) and as a bonus  it
>actually has two switches (which I have yet to figure a use for) a right
>and left.
>Less than $5 at fleamarket.
>Richard Thorne wrote:
> > Have any contesters tried the new FS-2 foot switch?  My FS-1 just went
> > belly up after 10 years of faithful service.  It would be simple to fix
> > as the microswitch just needs replacing.  But it may be time to try
> > something new.
> >
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