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Fw: [CQ-Contest] Ducie logs

Subject: Fw: [CQ-Contest] Ducie logs
From: k7qq@netzero.net (Rex Maner)
Date: Sat May 4 06:15:06 2002

I think the problem is that people don't hear the DX and only get a couple
of letters back and think that they have a QSO   There are still some who
can't copy their own call on CW
Tlhey are the ones who are sending on top of everyone,

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Ducie logs

The logging program still works.  Enter your call and you will get the list
of your QSOs.
I think they mean that they don't want anyone sending them e-mails about
specific log entries.

They may have good reason.  4 of my contacts with them are not in the log.
I know other people who say their QSOs are also not in the log. I think they
have a lot of logging errors and are getting some heat about it.  I guess
you just have to work some DXpeditions three times on each band and mode to
be sure of getting in their log.

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