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Subject: [CQ-Contest] FQP
From: wbarby@telus.net (Wilf Barby)
Date: Sun May 5 17:51:05 2002
Y'all won't believe this , but.....I lost all the files for FQP in TRLog!
While I only made 105 contacts, it seems that was a fairly good 
score for about 4 hours work and the shape the bands were in
at VE7QO. 

I was going to be smart and make a Cabrillo file, got as far as the 
log.cbr file, remembered that I had forgotten to set the offset time to
7 hours, so logs were in PDT for about 60, then in correct GMT for
 the rest. So I said, oh yeah!..... POST has a facility to rectify this
so I blithely deleted Log.cbr and proceeded to do the POST routine
The answer came back, which said, no contacts in log.dat!!!! 
Yup! that was correct....somehow, not only the log.dat file 
information but also the restart.bin got deleted...ugh!! @#!^&*)X

Sorry gang, no way I can recover the stuff, where-ever it went. Not 
a thing in Recycle bin and the old DOS commands 'undelete' don't
work in fancy Win98SE!  So I can't take the SOABLP winner's
place in BC and maybe even in Canada, having looked at all
the scores  drat it!!! 73.

Wilf, VE7QO

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