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[CQ-Contest] E-QSL

Subject: [CQ-Contest] E-QSL
From: k0hb@earthlink.net (KØHB)
Date: Mon May 6 22:37:37 2002
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From: "Fred Laun K3ZO" <k3zo@verizon.net>

> Therefore I am sadly moved to announce that if anyone needs a confirmation 
> from me for a QSO we have had, it will be necessary to send me a real QSL 
> by whatever means.  The way eQSL.cc is presently configured, it is simply 
> too cumbersome for me to use efficiently and still adhere to my own 
> personal QSLing standards.

Yeah, what Fred sed works for me too.

73, Hans, K0HB

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