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[CQ-Contest] Dayton Room (Crowne Plaza)

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Dayton Room (Crowne Plaza)
From: n6nt@ispwest.com (Bruce Sawyer)
Date: Mon May 6 21:18:25 2002
So...a month ago I was the beggar, desperately trying to find a shower stall
in the Crowne Plaza where I could hang my hat.  Now I have a Crowne Plaza
room, and the fellow who was to share it with me has cancelled.  (I don't
think it was because he discovered who his roommate was going to be, but who
knows?)  And now comes the question...does anybody want to share and help
defray expenses?  Last I heard, the price for this room was $122/night, plus
taxes, so it sounds like a shared room would be in the vicinity of
$70/night.  I do know that even though this room was supposed to be a
double, what was actually issued was a single...meaning I'll have to get a
roll-away bed if somebody wants to share with me.  If you're interested,
please give me a shout soon.  I'm out of CA, headed east, come Monday.

Bruce, N6NT/ZF2NT

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