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[CQ-Contest] Heil FS-2 Foot Switch

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Heil FS-2 Foot Switch
From: k0hb@earthlink.net (KØHB)
Date: Tue May 7 13:57:55 2002
Related to all this foot-switch talk, doncha just hate it when your f/s wanders
way back under the operating position and you lose it, and have to interrupt
your run to find it?

K0CKB provided me with a solution used by seamstresses.  It's call "Pedal
Sta-II", and is a piece of that heavy plastic used under office chairs, with a
piece of Velcro(tm) -- another piece of Velcro gets glued to the bottom of your
f/s, and it never moves again.  Get it at a fabric or sewing store.  You can see
a picture at http://shop.store.yahoo.com/hancockfabricstore/hcn00641.html.

73, de Hans, K0HB

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