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[CQ-Contest] Russian DX contest results and comments

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Russian DX contest results and comments
From: snichols@mvosprey.com (Scott Nichols)
Date: Tue May 7 11:56:57 2002
I agree...I also got my 2001 Certificate (NON FOLDED!!) for top CW SO in
Canada a few weeks ago and was very impressed with the package they sent
out...Very well done, and as Dan says, it makes you want to participate in
next year's contest...It's one of my favourite contests of the year...

Also received a small booklet from the 2001 Polish DX Contest Committee
yesterday (No certificate, thanks to a certain Ontario ham!! hi hi) which
is very well done...All the results, stats etc...

This all follows a very well done package from the Florida QSO Contest
Committee a few weeks ago as well for 2001...Again, the certificate was
NON-FOLDED...Very well done...

Then, there's the 2001 CQ WPX SSB Certificate I received two weeks
ago...Every one I have ever received had two folds in it...Not complaining,
I'm happy to have received them, I know there is tons of work in organizing
that one, but I would gladly pay the extra cost of a large envelope and the
extra postage to get it to me in one piece...

73, Scott VE1OP


> In the mail today was an 8 by 11 envelope containing the results of the
> 2001 Russia DX contest (March 2001). Included was a certificate for
> W8CAR for my 9th place US finish, a stapled booklet with results and
> rules for 2002. All this is contained in a plastic sleeve for
> protection-no folds in the certificate-all the way from Russia!
> This has become one of my favorite contests because of the activity
> level and as an 'old timer' I have never gotten over the fun of working
> Russia and oblasts. Other contest sponsors should take note at how this
> contest is growing and how it is being promoted. I have received e-mail
> from them with my results, my UBN and now I have hard copy of same plus
> they have an excellent web site.
> The Russian Dx Contest committee is doing it right and makes me want to
> participate again and again and again!
> 73
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> Dan Kovatch
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> www.geocities.com/w8car
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